3 | Seychelles to Nosy Be

Dates – 17/6/19 – 25/6/19
Depart – Seychelles
Arrive – Nosy Be
Distance – 700 nm  (7 days)
Price – ZAR 20 000

Skipper’s notes:

By  the 16th of June all crew should be on board and we hope to clear out by the next morning if the weather permits.  This is a great sail as it is normally a beam reach and has some beautiful sites along the way. There are a group of islands along the way that fall under the Seychelles but are nature reserves and can only be sailed past. They are low lying and St Joseph is actually an atoll.

Just to the North West lies D’ Arros. There are 12 islands in this group, mostly uninhabited. This is best pasted in day light obviously, and is about 140 nm from Mahi, so getting underway early in the morning on the first day is essential. Another 200 nm ahead is the Providence group of islands. Not many people get to see these special places and the southern island is a famous spot for fly fishing. There is a possibility of spending a night on anchor here and once again timing is important as rounding the northern tip of Madagascar is best done in daylight. It is 160 nm from the southern island to Cap D’ Ambre, the northern tip. I have been over this point a few times and have always had an exciting ride. Its never short of wind and fairly large swell. Once in 1997 I went over West to East. Now I prefer to go East to West. The wind and swell is mainly from the SE, so we will be going with it. The great part about getting around and onto the Western side is the change in the weather and the swell. Strait into the lee of Madagascar. From the top end to our next destination, Nosy Be, is about 100 nm. But as I said before, the wind will drop here and everything becomes more relaxed and we would be in Hellville by the next day. This is the spot we are required to stop at to clear in and we will land around the 25 June 2019.