Offshore sailing is arguably the pinnacle of sailing. Professional mariner’s often spend years building a career to fulfill a lifetime dream of sailing in the Volvo Ocean race (now called the Ocean Race) or the Clipper Race. Some recreational sailors or adventure seekers may also harbour the desire to venture offshore or to cross an ocean, but being less inclined to pursue sailing to such an extreme extend as their professional counterparts an alternative approach needs to be considered.

With that thought in mind, we refitted and prepared our sailing catamaran Ronin and, after careful consideration of the sailing route, the crew casted off the dock lines on December 26th, 2018 to embark on a South Atlantic voyage. In the weeks that followed Ronin and her crew visited Saint Helena Island, Tristan da Cunha and Inaccessible Island, before setting sail back to Cape Town. The voyage served as an excellent test for a concept we have been dreaming about for years; sailing offshore with patron crew.

Land ho! Approaching Saint Helena Island after almost 2 weeks at sea.

After our successful South Atlantic voyage we are even more inspired to share the wonders of the open ocean with those who seek it out. Our next offshore trip will be the 2020 Cape 2 Rio race. After which we will be doing a number of offshore legs starting in Brazil in February 2020. We intend to announce our offshore itinerary before the 2019 Cape Town Boat Show. If you are interested in joining us on board Ronin for the experience of a lifetime then please contact us and come visit at the boat show, we will be there every day to chat and hang out.