2 | Mauritius to Seychelles

Dates – 3/6/19 – 12/6/19
Depart – Mauritius
Arrive – Seychelles
Distance – 950 nm  (9 days)
Price – ZAR 25 000

Skipper’s notes:

By the 1st of June we would be back in port Louis to any crew changes. Monday is the 3rd (New Moon) and the day we plan to clear out and head north for Seychelles. This is a trip of close on a 1000 nm. This is an amazing stretch of ocean. Clean blue warm water. Fairly consistent easterly winds blowing making for great sailing. Cocos island lies to the north east about 250 nm away and might been seen off to starboard but we would not be stopping anywhere along the way until we reach Mahi.

However, on most days and if the weather permits stopping in the middle of the ocean for a dip is mandatory. Well for all who are game. This is a great way to freshen up and cool off  and is an amazing experience if you have never done it. Even if you have.  There is nothing quite like putting on a dive mask and looking down into the blue void of the ocean. Its almost like being in space I guess. Watching shafts of light going down down down, into the blue depth is truly Awesome. I have had occasion to hear whales off in the distance, as this area is inhabited by humpbacks. But as we have a schedule to stick to we can’t stay for more than 15 minutes and then get going again. We have a Go Pro on board and will have plenty of footage in, on and under the water to share along the way.  A point to raise here is fishing. You are welcome to bring a few lures with you but we draw the line there. Fishing is limited to mainly dusk and dawn and only using a bungy-cord system. We do have a rod or two but this is a sailing trip first and I have hooked a Tuna once that took me an hour to get alongside before I could release it as it was way to big to bring on board. A smaller fresh tuna on occasion is a great treat however.

This leg should take about 7 to 9 days which puts us in Mahi by the 10th to the 12th of June.  We would stop first in Mahi to clear in and spend a few days there. The best part of the Seychelles, however, is to get to the islands a short sail to the north east. Pralin is about 23 nm away and east of that is the charming little island called La Digue.  This little island is about three nm long and two nm wide. That’s about 5,5 km by 3.6 km. The main mode of transportation on this island is by bicycle. They still use cattle drawn wagons to move stuff around. One rents a bike from a guy once ashore and off you go on an amazing trip on long and winding cycle paths. The island is very green and forested so one is not riding in the sun all the time, but it is hot. I hope since the last time I was there they have bought a few new bikes but what they have works and makes it all the more fun. There are little shops along the way that one can get something to drink or snack on so there is no need to carry much with you. There is nothing like riding out of the bushes and onto a beach with booming surf breaking onto it. This particular beach being on the windward side is quite wild and any swimming done with caution.